Monday, July 24, 2017

Guitars Wanted

Buy and Consignment Guitars - I will help you sell your guitar faster!

Guitars For Sale

Used Guitars - I have a wide selection in most price ranges.

Guitar Repair

Conducting repairs requires incredible attention to detail.

Guitar Amplifiers and Used Merchandise for Sale

Fender, Ampeg, and other quality used amplifiers and merchandise. Many items are not on this list , such as parts,pickups etc.. If your're interested in testing an item, please call ahead in advance to be sure it is in stock. If you are coming in from out of town call ahead and make sure I will be in that day. Call : 608-784-2400



Ampeg 1961 Gemini 1 ;$ 650.00
Gibson Hawk 1965 w/ footswitch ; $450.00
Marshal 1936 2X12 cab with Commonwealth speakers $395.00
Fender Bandmaster Head 1965 ; $595.00
PV Vintage 2x12 ; $350.00
Acoustic Model 150 2x12 Combo ; $395.00
Acoustic Model 114 2x10 Combo ; $189.00
Fender Hot rod Deville 4x10 w/footswitch $595.00
Fender SK 100B bass head $139.00
Hartke HyDrive 112 ( 2 in stock ) ; $199.00 ea
Leslie model 16  $300.00
Standell Custom 15 w/Altec 15 $595.00
Korg M1









MXR Distortion+ Vintage ; $95.00

BOSS Metal Core ML2 ; $59.00

BOSS Metal Zone MT2 ; $59.00

BOSS 59 BassMan ; $69.00

BOSS Turbo Overdrive OD2 ; $39.00


BOSS SD1 ; $59.00


Ibanez SoundTank Auto Wah ; $29.00

Ibanez TS9 TubeScreamer MIJ ; $95.00

Ibanez PowerLead ; $29.00


DOD Supra Distortion FX55B ; $49.00


Rocktron Chorus ; $59.00

Rocktron Supercharger ; $59.00


Morley Dual Bass Wah ; $49.00




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LOT's of raw speakers in stock, Eminance, EV, Jensen. Call for what's in stock. ! Tubes ! Call 608-784-2400 ! *** You can usually find a wide selection of effects pedals, processors, microphones and other hardware for sale Pedals come and go fast, give me a call at 608-784-2400 to find out what's in stock. Or, if you are looking for a particular pedal to get on my "next call" list. I also buy broken, crappy, missing parts pedals and guitar related stuff. Call me for a quote! USED GUITARS for sale also >>

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