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Fender - Gibson - Washburn

There are 30 or so Electric Guitars, Acoustics, Bass Guitars and other Stringed Instruments on the wall at any time and can change often. We will update the Photo Gallery (bottom)as much as possible.

Electric Guitars

2013 Fender 63 NOS Custom shop Telecaster ash body w/hsc  $3000.00

1966 Fender Telecaster (refin body) w/hsc  $4800.00

Gibson/Epi 335  1997 Gibson neck on a mid 90s Epi body. Sheptone pickups w/hsc  $8

LTD TE 406 w/hsc   $295

Peavey Predator Strat USA made rough shape $79

Arbor Randy Rhodes style, red tiger, 2 humbuckers $129

Johnson set neck LP style, silverburst $129

Lyon Delta King , red, with HSC $175

Westone Strat, red/black HSS $99

Epiphone LP Jr. $99

LTD MH100QMNT, red  $149

LTD Deluxe MH1000 EMGs black quilt $350

Ibanez RG220 Red w/spiderweb graphics $195

Washburn WV16G12 flying V with skull graphic, HSC  $295

Conn C series Les Paul Custom $450

Bass Guitars

Fender MIM Reggie Hamilton Jazz bass s/burst with hardshell case $595

Fender MIM P Bass s/burst, J/P setup $275

1997 Fender P.Bass, black, maple neck with HSC  $650

Acoustic Guitars

Washburn Model J588 WENA w/ HSC ; $695.00

Washburn Model WD 48s ; $295.00

Alvarez AD60 SC w/ GB ; $249.00

Alvarez Model 5031 Classical Sprucetop Brazilian Rosewood MINT MIJ w/ HSC ; $395.00

1975 Martin D18 with orig. hardcase sunburst  $1995.00

Washburn D30S MINT!  $275.00

PAN Lawsuit era 12 string hummingbird copy MIJ with Fishman pickup w/softcase $350.00

Bruno Ventura Model 1588 ; $199.00

Manuel Rodriguez Model C1M ; $149.00

Taylor W65CE w/ohsc Walnut 12 string  1595.00

Other Stringed Instruments

Ibanez Teardrop A style Mandolin new $149

1911 Gibson Mando guitar with a Vega banjo neck Mando/banjo. Done years ago. Plays great sounds fantastic $995

Cigarbox fretless bass 3 string $75

60s A style Mandolin Checker binding $149

Luna Travel size acoustic with gig bag new $179

1960s Pfreshner violin 3/4  with case  $395.00

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